A Scythe is...

For cutting your wild flower meadow in peace and quiet. For mowing your lawn. For giving to volunteers. For making hay on a small scale. For when you need to be eco-friendly. For avoiding whitefinger from strimmers. For cutting on a steep slope. For clearing ground in sensitive habitats... and so much more!

No noise (except for a gentle swish swish)


Turns work into meditation


No vibration. No noise. No moving parts.


Good for any mowing or clearing job (but great for the tricky places)

About us

A scythe is like a good book. Once picked up, it's very difficult to put down.

Why scything? I first bought a scythe to cut the grass on the paths at my allotment. I had tried a strimmer, but I found it fiddly, noisy and aggressive. I just didn't want to get it out of the shed. The scythe on the other hand was a joy to use. Once I had mastered the technique I was able to let my hands do the work and my mind drift away to a more contemplative place. I started Learn Scything to be able to share this useful, enjoyable skill with other people and have taught many different people - from council employees to film stars. Last year I took on some apprentices who will make it possible for even more people to learn in the future. This year I'm opening the Learn Scything online shop. Because I've got a little baby, and because my apprentice teachers are not yet trained, I'm not offering courses for organisations this year. If you are an organisation who require scythe training, please consider booking your staff on one of my courses for individuals.

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Our Team

Beth Tilston
Beth Tilston
Scythe teacher and founder
Beth first picked up a scythe to cut the grass on her allotment, then discovered scything competitions (yes, there are competitions) and was hooked. She has been teaching since 2011 and has taught a wide range of people – from conservationists to city traders.
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Scythe teaching apprentice
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Scythe teaching apprentice
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Scythe teaching apprentice

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